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Historia Scientiarum, Vol.20 No.1, Jury 2010

Article 1   1st Page PDF(Open Access) How Physical Laws Were Understood in Mid-19th Century East Asia : A Comparative Study of Choe Han-gi and Nishi Amane(pp.1-20) KIM,Sungkhun Office for History of Science and Technology, University of California, Berkley Abstract This article analyzes the work of two Neo-Confucianists, Choe Han-gi (1803-1877) and Nishi Amane (1829-1897), who endeavored to construct the metaphysical ground of modern scientific knowledge in Korea and Japan during the mid-19th century. The influx of Western scientific knowledge into East Asia triggered a reinterpretation of Neo-Confucianism, which had been the main body of traditional knowledge. Nishi and Choe designed the philosophical underpinning that allowed acceptance of modern Western … Continue reading

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